Small Lightning Bolts Bio-Resin Earrings


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Small lightning bolts on nickel free closable hoops. 
They're made from bio-resin, which is made from 50% bio sources, making it a bit more environmentally friendly than the traditional kind of resin. So if you love resin jewellery, but not the ingredients list, this is a better solution. There are some interesting developments in eco resins in recent years, which we are keeping an eye on, but for the moment this resin is the most environmentally conscious resin on the market.

These come in elegantly simple FSC-certified jewellery boxes with luxuriously soft yet sustainable insert. Orders are posted in fully recyclable mailing boxes, and where necessary and taping or filling is done with a paper packing tape with a water-based glue, and shredded waste cardboard. Depending on the size of your order, packaging options may vary, but remain sustainable, such as plastic free padded envelopes and biodegradable mailing bags. Whether you're gifting to yourself or a loved one, you can rest assured we have made every effort to keep our packaging as guilt-free as our jewellery, without sacrificing beauty or functionality. To learn more about our sustainable materials and packaging, visit Materials and Packaging.
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